27 março 2008

"that little instrument which shows musicians the beat..."

Man Ray, Objet Indestructible (1923-1975) - (Readymade wooden metronome with photograph of an eye)
Tate Magazine Issue 3: Eye of the Beholder

"The metronome, that little instrument which shows musicians the beat, is really the earliest music, a primitive music. I owned one myself and, when I painted, I let in run, you know, and, like a pianist, I did so and so many strokes while painting, isn’t that so? And the metronome registered everything. I did miss the visual aspect, though. That’s why I attached an eye to the pendulum and, when the eye moved from right to left and from left to right, I had the feeling someone was watching me paint or looking at the picture. Sometimes it might stop and then I knew that the picture was very bad and destroyed it, do you understand? But one day I got my revenge; the metronome began to tick so hard and got on my nerves so much that I took a hammer and smashed it into a thousand pieces. It was, after all, called Objet à détruir [Object to be Destroyed], and it was right for I then destroyed it. But after the great historic retrospectives on Dada I was asked to exhibit the metronome so I put an eye on it and made it run again."

György Ligeti, (1923-2006), "Poema sinfónico para 100 Metrónomos", 1962

Listen to Him

John Cage, An Autobiographical Statement

24 março 2008


Gerhard Richter, Kerze (Vela), 1983

Pintura usada no álbum Daydream Nation foi leiloada na Sotheby’s, loja de artes, móveis e antiguidades em Inglaterra.
«Esta é uma combinação única da obra de um pintor com a capa de um álbum de uma das maiores bandas americanas de sempre», declarou Francis Outred da Sotheby's ao jornal The Independent

21 março 2008

17 março 2008


Hans Holbein "O Jovem", "O Cristo morto", 1521, Kunstmuseum, Basel

Marlene Dumas, Gelijkenis I and II (Somiglianza I e II), 2002, na Colecção François Pinault, Palazzo Grassi

Andrea Mantegna , "Lamentação sobre o corpo do Cristo Morto" , 1490, Pinacoteca di Brera, Milão

Joaquim Vitorino Ribeiro (1849-1928), "Mártir Cristão", Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis, Porto

11 março 2008


03 março 2008

Sometimes just one time can be enough

Graffiti, Lisboa, 2008
Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho, 1960, (fotogramas)

She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?

Yes. Sometimes just one time can be enough. Thank you.