17 julho 2008

I apologize to the animists, but I don't think objects have a soul.

Gazira Babeli é uma avatar que nasceu no dia 31 de Março de 2006 e vive no Second Life.

Gazira Babeli: Yes, it's my real name in Second Life but most of people call me Gaz. Outside SL, my existence is not so different from yours... drinking, eating, sleeping, meeting people, looking at a computer monitor and working the least possible.

Second Soup. You love Pop Art - Pop Art hates you, Scripted cans, May 2006

Anna Magnani, Scripted performance, February 2007

GAZ OF THE DESERT, Movie/performance, from February 2007

iDol, Performance, January 2008

Interacting With Aliens, Object-oriented performance, October 2007, During THE GATE performed by Second Front, Odyssey SL / iMAL Brussels